You accuse me of parochilism but don’t know everything I’ve considered. I’ve clearly watered down some points to bring the relevance to our current problems but that doesn’t mean I’m ignoring other facts.

The fact that you’re so quick to write off UBI shows you haven’t heard all of the supporting arguments. You claim UBI would just increase the cost of everything but you miss the fact that it’s extremely easy to put safeguards in place that raise UBI equal to natural inflation and that restrict essential industries from unreasonably raising their prices to just suck up a UBI.

No one is suggesting UBI is an end-all be-all solution but it absolutely is the only and best place to start to get people out of the terrible economic situations they’re in. Of course it’s a human problem. Everything is but we have no hope to change everything if we hope to change every individuals mind and actions. It just won’t happen. The point of systems is to help people, just like the proposition of human-centered capitalism which seeks to restructure the values of the government so it can act on those in the future rather than just GDP and unemployment as measurements for human well-being. Humans obviously aren’t units of social and economic activity, they’re complex beings with experiences but they are also beings with needs which is where the system comes into play.

You say “in an otherwise unchanged capitalist society” but the whole point of this article was about changing the society. Through new values and through new education. It makes me feel as though you read this through whatever lens you chose to put one when finding it to begin with.

You seem to be suggesting anarchy, no systems, no rule, just people. You claim to understand people but yet you seem to ignore the fact that anarchy leads to dictatorships everytime. We have the absolute best economic and government system combined that has ever existed and we would be foolish to throw it away before trying to tweak it to meet human values.

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Political commentator, life coach, and moral philosophy fanatic. Here I talk about the perspectives, actions, and habits we can take to simply make life better.

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