In this usage, which I feel like was pretty obvious, “fair” is used in the conversational definition. Perhaps “reasonable” would put you to ease. Either way, the statement stands as true. It is completely understandable that people should want some kind of equal distribution of necessary resources when it would not hurt anything for this to be done. As I state in the article, however, I am not taking a side, simply empathizing with the views on both sides of the argument. Additionally, “fair” is not subjective when what needs to be valued is clearly understood.

The age response on Jeff Bezos is a good argument however he is aware enough that he donates, as you said, “tens of millions of dollars” simply to get people off his back. This is simply not enough for someone who owns a massive corporation that pays 0 in taxes and, who, as an individual has over $100 billion. Greed at this level, no matter what part of your life you’re in, is inexcusable. Your analysis that my hit on Bezos’ philanthropy has to do with him not signing the giving pledge is completely misaimed. I couldn’t care less whether or not he signs a pledge, simply that he do something for the world given the massive amounts of wealth, power, and influence he has. My main hit was actually on his focus on Blue Origin. Whether or not Gates or Buffet were doing this at the point of life Bezos is in is irrelevant to the current discussion. Should they have back then? Probably, although I am not as aware of their lives and the state of society at that point. What matters is that there is a clear disparateness between someone like Gates and someone like Bezos right now. Both the richest people in the world but one doing good for the world and one focusing on himself.

You took the word “indoctrination” and ran with it there. No one is talking about indoctrinating anyone. If you read my other articles I talk extensively on how morality can easily be defined and agreed upon through practical ways and it needn't be partisan. Teaching basic values such as truth, responsibility, generosity, kindness, compassion, and sympathetic joy with a larger focus than is currently done would have a great impact on the future of individuals and society as a whole.

Regardless of the problems and the history of problems we still need to be proposing and finding solutions for the most important problems that face us as a species. When we give up on that we lose hope of things ever improving.

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Political commentator, life coach, and moral philosophy fanatic. Here I talk about the perspectives, actions, and habits we can take to simply make life better.

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