Adopting a Holistic Lifestyle

Holistic Living: Living a well-rounded life to the benefit of the individual as well society as a whole.

For the whole of my adult life I’ve been trying to figure things out. What is life? How do things work? What is happening in society? What about in the mind? What could be better? After reaching some conclusions about these things I found was constantly plagued by the question: So what do we do? or How do we go about life? I wanted to figure out not only how things worked but how to go about interacting with them to produce the best outcome for myself and everyone else.

As I started my pursuit in finding the answers to these questions I found myself establishing a base of ideas and perspectives that drove how to correctly find these answers. Some of the things that made up this base were the nature of suffering and reality, what life is and why we should value it, and what do we, as humans in general, need and all have in common? I wasn’t interested in how I could find some amount of happiness in just my life. Instead I was more interested in finding all of the things that humans, as conscious creatures with physical bodies, could do to make the best life for ourselves and everyone around us. After plenty of time focusing on how society could be set up differently I realized that while I may be correct about those things I would never change anything if I kept focusing on that large problem first. I started to realize that it begins by working from the bottom and going up. It starts by being the change you want to see.

First, I had to ask myself what change that I wanted to see could I embody right now? I wanted everyone to be healthy and to have their necessities. I wanted everyone to be treated lovingly, kindly, and with compassion. I wanted everyone to not have to suffer. I wanted our world to be clean and not polluted. And I wanted good ideas that could help the rest of these things come to fruition to be spread. It became clear to me that focusing on any single one of these things wouldn’t be enough to get the world to where it should be so I took on the task to find how to do all of these things and to find what that would look like in my daily life.

I’ve now discovered there are others using this approach to life as well and who call it the same thing: Holistic Living. What this means taking into account everything that matters and doing what you can in each of those fields to improve the state of them. It seems to me that, right now, the standard way of living is to find one thing you find important or can be passionate about and focus on that while other people focus on the other fields and the rest of life is held to little to no scrutiny about what we are doing. This may have worked for a time but right now we are facing an entirely new world where the internet connects 7 billion of us, where the planet is in dire condition to continue to sustain life as we know it, obesity is becoming a norm in the U.S., wealth inequality is becoming so vast that the middle class is disappearing, the political spectrum is so polarized nothing can get done, and the institutions humans used to rely on to give us guidance, namely religion and universities, are breaking down. We are in need of some major changes and course corrections.

It is to no fault of any one person that we are living in the ways we are for we were born into them thinking and being taught that this is what we were supposed to do. But it is the responsibility of all of us to do something about it now that we know it isn’t working as a sustainable option. Images of NGOs, protesters, and activists may come to mind at this point in the discussion. While these are important institutions in the world they don’t have to be the only way we can go about making a positive difference in the world. It always starts with just yourself and your daily habits. There are many things we can do to live this kind of life life that not only helps make our own lives more enjoyable and free but helps get others there as well. That is what this blog will be about. I will be posting all of the things I have researched in each of these categories. From things we can do in our individual lives to make ourselves happier to making sure that when doing these things they aren’t creating any unwanted or unintended results. After we get our own lives in order we can start to look at what we find important in the world and what our goals are.

This process of starting with ourselves and working outwards seems to be a natural truth about the growth of individuals. We are order making beings. Being like this helps keep things calm in our lives and helps us advance as individuals and as a society. Our minds are constantly perceiving the most immediately relevant chaos to us and it’s up to us to take responsibility for this chaos and make order out of it. It may start with something as simple as needing to clean our rooms. After we do that the next thing naturally comes up. Maybe it’s catching up on some bills or starting to eat healthier. If we continue down this path we find ourselves starting to affect larger and larger things. Naturally we move from creating order in our own lives to creating order in our family or workplace to starting to see what we might be able to do about the world at large.

Living consciously is an approach that helps us stay balanced, live a clean life, and be successful in the pursuit to continue to make order and good in the world. The topics of living holistically and consciously range from being healthy and giving ourselves enough breaks to learning how to be as efficient as possible and developing spiritually. It takes into account all of the important aspects of being a human and finds a way to integrate and balance them into being a personalized approach to living that also includes personal goals and all of the ways those can be achievable.

Living a well-rounded life starts with the decision that you want to be good and grow. What you discover on this path will be the most personal thing you experience and this journey will help you discover who you are and what it means to be a human in the purest form.